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Hawaii is represented in the Oil Spill Task Force by the Hazardous Evaluation and Emergency Response (HEER) Office, which serves the people of the State of Hawaii by addressing all aspects of releases of hazardous substances including oil into the environment.  Our work includes preventing, planning for, and responding to hazardous substance releases or risks of releases.  The HEER Office accomplishes this mission by addressing contaminated sites with the highest risk to human health and the environment first, preventing contamination rather than cleaning up after the fact, and basing decisions on sound scientific principles and common sense.

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The new normal can add challenges for our well-being, especially for our keiki. Staying connected can help, call, text or chat, check in with ohana and friends. Connect with free statewide resources at TheParentLine.org - We're in this together. ...

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Governor David Ige
July 6, 2020 COVID-19 News Press Conference:

At today’s news conference I’ll outline how COVID-19 has impacted the state’s finances and where we go from here. Joining me are Lt. Gov. Josh Green with an update on our healthcare system capacity and Dr. Bruce Anderson from @DOH with an update on the latest case numbers. Mahalo for joining us.

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Hawaii State Department of Health

As much as possible, stick with the same “ohana bubble." If children are participating in a group activity this summer (camp, summer school, organized sport, etc.), stick just one group with whom your children regularly interact. This might mean organizing playdates within the same small activity group. Think creatively about how to maintain social distance during any group gathering. Meeting outside, spacing out tables and chairs, and encouraging attendees to wear festive masks are good ways to have fun while staying safe. #HawaiiCOVID19 ...

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If you're traveling overnight, check the hotel’s #COVID19 prevention practices before you go. Wear a cloth face covering, limit close contact with others and consider these preventative practices:
📱Use options for online reservation and check-in, mobile room key, and contactless payment.
🏨 Before you go, call and ask if the staff wears cloth face coverings at work
😷 Wear a cloth face covering in the lobby or other common areas
🏊 Minimize use of areas that may lead to close contact with others, like inside lounging areas, game rooms, pools, hot tubs, saunas, spas, and fitness centers
🥡 Request contactless delivery for any room service order
For more travel guidance, visit health.hawaii.gov/travel/ #HawaiiCOVID19

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Avoid the 3 Cs - Clusters have a higher likelihood of occurring when the 3 Cs overlap - 1 Closed spaces with poor ventilation. 2 Crowded places with many people nearby. 3 Close-contact settings such as close-range conversations. Celebrate safely this weekend by avoiding situations where the 3 Cs overlap. Group gatherings, especially indoors with people not from your household, leave you and everyone you come in contact with vulnerable to infection. Protect yourself and each other from #COVID19. ...

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