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Oregon is represented in the Oil Spill Task Force by the Emergency Response Program at the Oregon Department of Environmental Quality (ODEQ). The Emergency Response Program develops and implements strategies to protect human health and the environment from toxins through preventing, preparing for, and minimizing the danger posed by the release of dangerous chemicals. The Program works together with other government agencies and industry to prevent and respond to spills of these materials.

Oregon Department of Environmental Quality


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Have you heard of Environmental Management Systems? The plans can reduce the impact of your energy and water use, waste generation, natural resource depletion, and pollution associated with operating your facilities.They're just one way to make your workplace greener. Learn other ways to green your workplace this Pollution Prevention Week: www.epa.gov/p2week/pollution-prevention-p2-work #P2week ...

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Clean Water Loans can pay for up to 100 percent of costs associated with your septic repair or replacement project, including:

• Septic system design
• Relevant permits
• Installation
• Ongoing maintenance
• Sewer connections
• Essential safety measures, such as those to prevent children and pets from falling into septic tanks

Learn more: www.oregon.gov/deq/Residential/Pages/Onsite-Loans.aspx #SepticSmart2017

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This SepticSmart Week we’re happy to celebrate the year anniversary of our partnership with @Craft3Org to provide loans to repair and replace failing septic systems throughout Oregon. To date we’ve provided more than two dozen loans in more than a dozen counties. Learn more about the loan program at www.craft3.org/cleanwater #SepticSmart2017 ...

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It's Septic Smart Week! Do your part be septic smart. #septicsmart ...

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Have a septic system? Learn the ABCs of septic system maintenance at www.oregon.gov/deq/FilterDocs/septictankmaintFS.pdf #SepticSmart2017 ...

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