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Oregon is represented in the Oil Spill Task Force by the Emergency Response Program at the Oregon Department of Environmental Quality (ODEQ). The Emergency Response Program develops and implements strategies to protect human health and the environment from toxins through preventing, preparing for, and minimizing the danger posed by the release of dangerous chemicals. The Program works together with other government agencies and industry to prevent and respond to spills of these materials.

Oregon Department of Environmental Quality


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Did you know DEQ offers a series of training opportunities in Hazardous Waste Basics and Managing Common Waste: Used Oil, Batteries, Light Tubes, etc. Learn more at www.oregon.gov/deq/Hazards-and-Cleanup/hw/Pages/HW-Trainings.aspx. #pollutionprevention ...

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Meet some of our staff at DEQ headquarters who specialize in managing hazardous waste and tanks in Oregon. Learn more, www.oregon.gov/deq/Hazards-and-Cleanup/hw/Pages/default.aspx and don't miss our webpages on our Tanks Program, www.oregon.gov/deq/tanks/Pages/default.aspx ...

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It was great to be part of the Vance Park improvement workshop with our partners. Thanks for providing translation services for the community members. ...

CCLR and its partners, Fregonese Associates, Inc., Oregon DEQ, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, and Multnomah County assisted Rockwood Community Development Corporation in hosting workshops to talk about improvements for Vance park and the surrounding community. Simultaneous Russian and Spanish translation was available at the workshops. Thank you to everyone who showed up!

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Tonight we're taking part in #DesignWeekPDX with leaders in sustainable practices. We are presenting with #NWgreenchem and talking about decoding material transparency, because who doesn't want to know what's in our food, buildings, clothes and other stuff that makes up our material world? Tonight's event is held at the Ecotrust building, a landmark green building in Portland's Pearl District. Design Week Portland was built on the strength of hundreds of independent events conceived and hosted by the creative community of an entire city. We are excited to be involved in community events like this throughout our great state. Way to go Jordan! ...

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Interested in transitioning to safer chemcials? Check out this upcoming training May 8-9 in Portland called "Transition to Safer Chemicals." The course will provide participants with information about and hands-on experience with the process for transitioning to safer chemicals, as well as the key methods, tools, and databases that can assist in this process. www.oregon.gov/deq/FilterDocs/SaferChems2017-05.pdf. ...

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