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Washington State is represented in the Oil Spill Task Force by the Department of Ecology’s Spill Prevention, Preparedness and Response Program. The mission of the Program is to protect Washington’s environment, public health, and safety through a comprehensive spill prevention, preparedness, and response program. It focuses on prevention of oil spills to Washington waters and land, as well as planning for an effective response to oil and hazardous substance spills whenever they occur. The Program has some 71 program employees and 25 after-hours responders located at four regional offices, two field offices, and headquarters with a two-year budget of about $29 million.

Oil Spill Program


The Latest News and Updates

On August 24, 2016, the Washington Department of Ecology adopted a new rule, Chapter 173-185 WAC, Oil Movement by Rail and Pipeline Notification. This new rule creates reporting standards for facilities that receive crude oil by rail, and pipelines that transport crude oil in or through the state. 

An additional new rule, Chapter 173-186 WAC, Oil Spill Contingency Plan – Railroad was adopted on August 31, 2016. Chapter 173-186 WAC establishes oil spill contingency plan, drill and equipment verification requirements.

For more information about both rules visit: http://www.ecy.wa.gov/programs/spills/rules/1514ov.html.

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Chalk this one up to the eye in the sky: A rider on the light rail line along State Route 599 in south Seattle noticed the amount of trash that had accumulated along the highway. Our Ecology Youth Corps crews responded and nabbed the trash. Just one more bite out of the #12millionpounds of litter that is dropped on Washington's road each year. ...

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“I am committed to protecting and managing our irreplaceable marine ecosystems now and for future generations. Our coastal communities and thousands of residents depend on having a healthy and productive coastal environment to maintain their livelihoods, homes, families, and quality of life.”
- Ecology Director Maia Bellon

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