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Note: The Task Force reserves the right to make an award in a category other than the one selected.

Category 1: Organization:
Industry (including vessel and facility operators, other associated industry)
Non-profit (including spill response coopertives, associations, research and educational institutions and public interest organizations)
Government Entities (federal, state/provincial and local goverments)
US tribes and Canadian First Nations (federal, state/provincial and local goverments)
Category 2:
Individual (This category includes private citizens, public agency employees, industry and non-profit employees.)
Category 3:
Team (Teams of individuals that do not fit into the organizational category but which have achieved spill prevention, preparedness, and response successes that meet the criteria identified below may also be nominated.)

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Nominations are due 5PM on May 31st. For more information please email us at legacyawards@oilspilltaskforce.org