Photo courtesy of HI Dept. of Health

Photo courtesy of HI Dept. of Health


The Coastal Response Resource Center/Center for Spills in the Environment is located at the University of New Hampshire and has coordinated numerous forums, studies and reports on state of the science of dispersants including lessons learned from past spills. A sample of recent publications and meeting summaries are provided below:

Dispersants Forum: Gulf of Mexico Oil Spill & Ecosystem Science Conference (2014)
Oil Spill Dispersant Research Workshop Report (March 2013)
The Future of Dispersant Use in Spill Response (2012)

Visit CRRC’s publications page for additional reports and studies, and their resources page for additional information on dispersant use.

The National Academies Press publications: 
The Use of Dispersants in Marine Oil Spill Response (2019)
Spills of Diluted Bitumen from Pipelines (2016)

A Comparative Study of Environmental Fate, Effects, and Response (2016)

The Bureau of Safety and Environmental Enforcement (BSEE) funds and conducts research on chemical agents. Visit BSEE’s master list of publications on oil spill research.  

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) Office of Response and Restoration conducts research on oil and chemical spills. To find recent reports related to dispersants and other oil spill-related topics, visit NOAA’s Office of Response and Restoration publications page.

The US Coast Guard coordinates the Interagency Coordinating Committee on Oil Pollution Research (ICCOPAR), which was formed under the Oil Spill Pollution Act of 1990. ICCOPAR  promotes cooperation, information sharing and oil spill research. ICCOPAR supported the creation of an on-line catalog of proceedings since 1969 of the International Oil Spill Conference

Gulf of Mexico Sea Grant has created a page of links to recent science seminars addressing the science and policy of dispersants in the Gulf region. Many presentations are directly related to Deep Water Horizon spill impacts.  

The American Petroleum Institute (API) released 10 fact sheets addressing dispersants that address toxicity, application, weathering, regulations and more. Visit API’s dispersant page to view the fact sheets and other dispersant information.  

What policies are in place among West Coast States and the Province of British Columbia regarding dispersant use? See our table of dispersant use regulations

The State of Alaska’s recently udpated it’s dispersant policy (January 2016). Visit DEC to learn more: https://dec.alaska.gov/spar/ppr/dispersant.htm

Gulf of Mexico Sea Grant has created a page of links to various outreach products addressing dispersants in the Gulf region. Many presentations are directly related to Deep Water Horizon spill impacts. 

The University of Louisiana’s Marine Consortium has created a database of literature consisting of peer-reviewed journal articles, gray literature, conference proceedings and more. Click on their dispersant bibliography to search for information on dispersants.

ICCOPAR has created a list of academic resources for oil spill-related science and technology information. This resource provides links to numerous universities and academic programs where this literature is compiled.

Published reports and studies

1149-2-subsurface-oil-detection-guide.pdf 4.72 MB
2011-Herding_Agents_to_Thicken_Oil_Spills_in_Drift_Ice_for_…_Developments.pdf 298.14 KB
A19803-Jip-rep-no-34-Petromaks-exposure-final.pdf 3.24 MB
Adamsetal_ETC_2014_dispersantoiltoxfishembryos.pdf 250.23 KB
Anderson-2006-Biomarkers.pdf 1.76 MB
API-report-on-DWH-ARTES.pdf 3.84 MB
appendix_4_as_supporting_document_-_guidelines_for_the_use_of_oil_spill_dispersants.pdf 422.99 KB
Bejarano-and-Mearns-2015.Improving-Environmental-Asse…deling_In-Press.pdf 2.69 MB
Biological-Effects-of-Dispersants.pdf 719.3 KB
Carmichael-et-al.2012-multiple-stressors-on-Gulf-dolphins.pdf 1.51 MB
Coelho-et-al-13.pdf 102.61 KB
COMPILED_20R-D_NEEDS-09.21.2011.pdf 97.2 KB
De-emulsifier-Final-Report.pdf 2.45 MB
DISP_Studies_VOL2_FINAL[1][1].pdf 852.6 KB
Dispersant-Degradation.pdf 541.17 KB
Dispersant-effectiveness-compared-with-at-sea.pdf 1.89 MB
Dispersant-effectiveness-test-data.pdf 17.32 KB
Dispersant-effectiveness-test.pdf 146.79 KB
Dispersant-Efficacy-&-Effectiveness.pdf 618.3 KB
Dispersant-Tox-compair.pdf 9.61 KB
Dispersant_Initiative_FINALREPORT.pdf 3.37 MB
Dispersants-&-Human-Health.pdf 495.67 KB
Dispersants-&-Risk-Communication.pdf 0.95 MB
Dispersants-Seafood-Safety.pdf 255.9 KB
DWH-Dispersants-Seafood-SafetyFDA_NOAA-2011_Dickey-&-Dickhoff.docx 66.24-KB
emulsion.pdf 16.95 KB
EPA-ComparativeToxTest.Final.6.30.10.pdf 93.76 KB
EPA-updated-phase2dispersant-toxtest.pdf 135.4 KB
EPADispersantInVitroReport30june2010FINALx.pdf 744.33 KB
Fernandez-et-al.2006-Prestige-and-sea-urchin-embryo-bioassay.pdf 228.95 KB
Final_Report_Herders_O-W_Rapid_ISB.pdf 7.62 MB
Fodrie-et-al.2011.pdf 1.1 MB
Goodbody-Gringley-et-al.2013.pdf 521.5 KB
Gutierrez-2012.pdf 263.88 KB
Haines-et-al.2002-bioremediation-FW-tests.pdf 310.93 KB
Head-et-al.bioremediation.pdf 415.5 KB
industry-post-macondo-april2012.pdf 1.98 MB
JIP-rep-no-27-FEX2009-FireboomFieldTests-final.pdf 2.56 MB
Jung-et-al.2012-Stronger-impact-of-dispersant-plus-crude…ine-mesocosms.pdf 862.99 KB
Kostopoulou-et-al.2012.pdf 178.47 KB
Kujawinski-et-al-2011-Fate-of-Dispersants-Associated-with-t…orizon-Oil-Spill.pdf 1.53 MB
Logan-2007-PAH-ecotoxicity-to-fish.pdf 0.91 MB
Mackay-and-Wells-1983-dispersant-effectiveness.pdf 1.33 MB
Masakorala-2010-toxicity-of-surfactants-to-Ulva.pdf 174.73 KB
McCall-et-al.2012.pdf 392.73 KB
Mearns-et-al-2001-CalCOFI.pdf 2.47 MB
Mearns-et-al.2011.pdf 575.17 KB
Microbes_and_Oil_Spills.pdf 664.89 KB
neba-net-environmental-benefit-analysis.pdf 7.25 MB
Ortmann-et-al.2012.pdf 391.46 KB
Paris-et-al.2012-Evolution-of-the-Macondo-Well-Blowout-S…a-Oil-Transport.pdf 4.97 MB
Reish-1997-effects-of-pollution-on-saltwater-organisms.pdf 5.98 MB
Sammarco-2013-paper-on-DWH-sampling.pdf 1.71 MB
Solidifier-effectiveness.pdf 829.08 KB
Solidifier-effects-on-birds.pdf 12.69 KB
SSEP-dispersant-projects.doc 26 KB
Story-Oil_Herding_Agents.pdf 88.79 KB
SurfaceWashingAgents.pdf 8.69 MB
Tarrant-2006-cnidarians-1.pdf 200.71 KB
Tarrant-2006-cnidarians.pdf 200.71 KB
Thouand-1999-lab-biodegradation-study-1.pdf 1.81 MB
Thouand-1999-lab-biodegradation-study.pdf 1.81 MB
Venosa-and-Holder-baffled-flask.pdf 104.59 KB
walker.pdf 323.29 KB
Wooten-2012-mallard-embryo-toxicity.pdf 226.68 KB
Zhenmie-et-al.2012.pdf 717 KB
Zuijdgeest-and-Huettel-2012.pdf 730.46 KB