Deep Water Horizon Updates

Learning from the Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill of National Significance

The Deepwater Horizon/BP oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico, June 9. 2010 (

The Deepwater Horizon/BP oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico, June 9. 2010 (

The member agencies of the Pacific States/British Columbia Oil Spill Task Force continue to monitor the response, Natural Resource Damage Assessments, Lessons Learned and policy developments associated with the Deepwater Horizon Spill of National Significance.

We were honored to host officials and experts to reflect on Lessons Learned from the Deepwater Horizon response as speakers at both our 2010 and 2011 Annual Meetings. You can view the 2010 presentations under MEETING NOTES.

Key policy themes for the Pacific States/British Columbia Oil Spill Task Force going forward include:

  • Continued state access to planning through the Area Contingency Planning process;
  • Continued state access to decision-making during a response through Unified Command and the Incident Command System;
  • Coordinating industry contingency planning with Area Plans in order to ensure that sufficient response equipment is available for both offshore and nearshore response to a Worst Case Discharge; and
  • Ensuring that each coastal region – including our Pacific Coast area – has adequate response capacity for mutual aid at the regional level.
  • For your convenience, here are the links to reports and websites for the Deepwater Horizon event:

Deepwater Horizon Reports:

Report of the National Academy of Engineering (NAE) and National Research Council:

Report of the National Incident Commander:$File/Binder1.pdf?OpenElement

Report of the National Commission on the BP Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill and Offshore Drilling:

Report of the Incident Specific Preparedness Review Team:
BP Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill Incident Specific Preparedness Review (ISPR) Final Report (

The Deepwater Horizon FOSC Report:

The US Coast Guard and the Bureau of Ocean Energy Management, Regulation, and Enforcement (BOEMRE) final reports of the Joint Investigation Team (JIT) on the April 20, 2010 Deepwater Horizon (DWH) explosion and fire:

Deepwater Horizon Incident websites:
Unified Command:
Gulf Response on-line mapping tool:
A bibliography that lists peer-reviewed journal articles, reports, commentaries and book chapters regarding Deepwater Horizon: