Pollution Prevention for
Washington State Marinas

The Washington State Dept. of Ecology and Puget Soundkeeper collaborated to produce a pollution prevention guidebook for marina managers throughout Washington state. The handbook provides a concise summary of the current laws, regulations, and best practices for the marina industry. Authored by members of the Clean Marina Partnership, it represents the collaborative approach required to preserve and steward our marine resources for future generations.

Please visit http://www.wsg.washington.edu/marina-handbook to download the guidebook

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Pacific Oil Spill Prevention Education Team

The Pacific Oil Spill Prevention Education Team (POSPET) evolved from the simple premise that small oil spills can add up to cause significant environmental and economic harm, and that they are a regional problem that can be remedied more effectively through collaborative projects drawing from existing talent and resources. For over a decade, POSPET has served as a forum for exchanging information and outreach ideas about prevention of oil spills and other boater best management practices while providing boat and marina operators with a consistent and accurate pollution prevention messages. POSPET members include representatives from state and federal agencies, industry associations, and nonprofit groups from Alaska, British Columbia, Washington, Oregon, California, and nationwide. The POSPET team members also track the number of certified “Clean Marinas” and “Clean Harbors” within their jurisdictions, where these programs exist. The Table below lists the current number of facilities certified in Alaska, British Columbia, California, Oregon and Washington. These certification programs recognize marinas and harbors that educate boaters on spill and pollution prevention practices. Each certified facility must be re-certified every 1-3 years.

Total number of certified Clean Marinas or Clean Harbors as of June 2022

State/ProvenceTotal Per StateLink to State Program Site
British Columbia49https://georgiastrait.org/work/cleanmarinebc/marinas/
Total Overall257Link to State Program
A Spills aren’t Slick sign posted at Port Townsend Marina in Washington.
A Spills aren’t Slick sign posted at Port Townsend Marina in Washington.

Spills Aren’t Slick campaign

Another successful achievement of the POSPET team is the Spills Aren’t Slick campaign, which has done much to bring the impact of even small releases of oil on the environment. The team created a set of Spills Aren’t Slick signs and decals, which are widely distributed by POSPET members. These have been posted at boat ramps and marinas, among other highly visible locations.

PDF files for the Spills Aren’t Slick materials

Volunteer management programs for Washington and California

Washington and California have developed oil spill response volunteer coordination programs to allow citizens to participate in oil spill response efforts. Please see links for Washington: www.oilspills101.wa.gov and California: https://www.coastal.ca.gov/oilspill/ospr-volunteers.pdf

Members of the Pacific Oil Spill Prevention Education Team (POSPET)

British ColumbiaMichelle Young
Clean Marine BC
Program Coordinator
(250) 753-3459
CaliforniaVivian Matuk
Environmental Boating Coordinator
CA State Parks
Division of Boating and Waterways
California Coastal Commission
(415) 904-6905
OregonGlenn Dolphin
Environmental Programs Coordinator
Oregon State Marine Board
(503) 378-2625
WashingtonJasmin Adams
Acting Communications Manager
Spills Publications and Web Coordinator
WA Dept. of Ecology
(360) 464-0324
WashingtonAaron Barnett
Washington Sea Grant
Boating Program Specialist
(206) 616-8929
WashingtonTy Keltner
Communications Manager
WA Dept of Ecology
(360) 515-6868
WashingtonShayne Cothern
Washington State Department of Natural Resources (DNR)
Environmental Specialist-Sediment Quality Unit
(360) 902-1064

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