Legacy Awards Running List

Legacy Awards 1999 – 2019

The Pacific States/British Columbia Oil Spill Task Force Legacy Award winners are models for others in industry, government, and the public to emulate. The Task Force is pleased to honor their commitment to oil spill prevention and preparedness, efficient spill response, and teamwork.

Since the Legacy Award Program began in 1999, the Task Force has given awards in the following categories: tanker operators, cargo vessel operator, tug and barge operators, oil spill response organizations, public interest organizations, state agency, federal agency, private citizens, public agency employees, response industry employees, and government/industry teams.

2019 Legacy Award Winners

Individual Category:

  • Barbara Callahan, International Bird Rescue
  • Carl Weimer, Pipeline Safety Trust
  • John Tarpley, NOAA
  • Mike Ziccardi, Oiled Wildlife Care Network

Team Category:

  • Worldwide Response Resource List Steering Committee

Organization Category:

  • Makah Tribal Council
  • Yakama Nation

2015 Legacy Award Winners

  • Ike Ikerd, General Manager, Clean Seas LLC
  • Anil Mathur, CEO, Alaska Tanker Co.
  • Michael Moore, VP, Pacific Merchant Shipping Association
  • Earl Nishikawa, Fire Chief, Chevron Hawaii
  • Stafford Reid, Principal, EnviroEmerg Consulting
  • Tesoro

2012 Legacy Award Winners:

  • The SE Alaska Petroleum Resource Organization (SEAPRO)
  • Eric Olsson, Washington Sea Grant
  • Kathy Fletcher, founder of People for Puget Sound
  • Captain Daniel LeBlanc, U.S. Coast Guard Sector Columbia River
  • The U.S. Coast Guard SS Montebello Project Team
  • Rusty Nall, Executive Vice President, the American Marine Corporation and PENCO

2009 Legacy Award Winners:

  • Richard Wright, retired Pacific NW Regional Vice President of the Marine Spill Response Cooperative
  • Joseph Mullin, Manager of the Minerals Management Service’s National Oil Spill Response Research Program
  • Alan Allen, an oil spill consultant working as “Spiltec”
  • Scott Knutson, U.S. Coast Guard District 13 Response Advisory Team Supervisor

2008 Legacy Award Winners:

  • Shirley Marquardt, Mayor of Unalaska, Alaska
  • David Sawicki, BP Cherry Point Refinery
  • Julie Knight, the Islands Oil Spill Association
  • Captain Tim Plummer, Tesoro Maritime Company
  • Harriet Spanel, retiring Washington State Senator

2007 Legacy Award Winners:

  • Dr. Mervin Fingas (retired), Environment Canada’s Emergencies Science and Technologies Division
  • Chris Wilke, Clean Marina Washington
  • Chad Bowechop, Makah Indian Tribe
  • David “DC” Carter, Pacific Environmental (PENCO)
  • The West Coast Joint Assessment Team
  • U.S. Coast Guard, Sector Los Angeles/Long Beach

2006 Legacy Award Winners:

  • The Clean Islands Council
  • Foss Maritime Company
  • Tesoro Hawaii Corporation
  • The Marine Exchange of Alaska

2005 Legacy Award Winners:

  • Crowley Marine Transport Corporation
  • BP Shipping, Inc.
  • US Coast Guard Commander William Whitson
  • US Coast Guard District 11
  • Cholly Mercer, President, Rainier Petroleum Corporation

2004 Legacy Award Winners:

  • The Alaska Tanker Company
  • Joan Lundstrom of the San Francisco Harbor Safety Committee
  • The US Coast Guard Marine Safety Office, Group Portland
  • The TAPS Trade Shippers, including ConocoPhillips Marine/Polar Tankers; SeaRiver Maritime, Inc.; Tesoro Maritime and Seabulk Tankers; and the Alaska Tanker Company

2003 Legacy Award Winners:

  • The Regional Citizens’ Advisory Council of Prince William Sound, Alaska;
  • Titan Maritime, LLC, headquartered in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida
  • Sause Brothers Ocean Towing Company, headquartered in Coos Bay, Oregon
  • Ms. Margot Brown of Alameda, California

2002 Legacy Award Winners:

  • Kim Beasley, General Manager, Clean Islands Council, Honolulu, Hawaii
  • Jerry McMahon, Vice President, Pacific Region, American Waterways Operators
  • Stephen Ricks, President, Clean Bay Incorporated, Concord, California
  • SeaRiver Maritime, Incorporated, Houston, Texas
  • The Turn Point Standard of Care Development Team, which includes the Canadian Coast Guard, Marine Programs; the British Columbia Coast Pilots; and the US Coast Guard Vessel Traffic Services, Puget Sound

2001 Legacy Award Winners:

  • Tesoro Alaska Company
  • Clean Seas, LLC
  • Island Tug and Barge Ltd.
  • California State Lands Commission, Marine Facilities Division
  • Canadian Coast Guard, Marine Communications and Traffic Services, Transport Canada Marine Safety, and the US Coast Guard Marine Safety Office Puget Sound

2000 Legacy Award Winners:

  • Community Impacts Planning Team

Prince William Sound Regional Citizens’ Advisory Council

  • Captain Hubert “Glen” Glenzer
  • Martyn Green, President and General Manager, Burrard Clean Operations
  • The International Bird Rescue and Research Center
  • Roland E. Miller, President, Clean Sound Cooperative, Inc.
  • The Oiled Wildlife Care Network
  • A posthumous award honoring William C. Park III
  • Totem Ocean Trailer Express
  • The US Coast Guard Marine Safety Office San Francisco

1999 Legacy Award Winners:

  • Alyeska/SERVS
  • ARCO Marine, Incorporated
  • Captain Chip Sharpe, US Coast Guard
  • The Cook Inlet Regional Citizens Advisory Council
  • The High Velocity Current Team; David Pearce of the Exxon Company and John Kloman of the California State Lands Commission
  • Stan Stephens of the Prince William Sound (PWS) Regional Citizen’&s Advisory Council
  • David Usher of Marine Pollution Control