Dick Pedersen, Director of Oregon DEQ welcomes attendees to the 2014 Annual Meeting held on October 1 in Portland, OR
2014 Annual Meeting of the Pacific States/British Columbia Oil Spill Task Force, took place on October 1, 2014 in Portland OR. Click on photo for more information.
Rail Cars, Tacoma WA 2014 (photo: Don Clotfelter). Click on photo to visit our oil by rail page.
2015 Clean Pacific Conference will be held June 16-18 in Vancouver, B.C. Click photo for more information.
Task Force's Sarah and Tom Cullen meet with VADM Ray and Admiral Servidio in Alameda 6/17/14
25 Years Ago: The Exxon Valdez Spill. Click on photo for news stories.
Looking back 25 years: the First Task Force members in 1990 in Prince William Sound
Oiled Wildlife Care Network, CA 2012
Tsunami Debris in Hawaii, 2013

Our Goal: No spilled oil

The Oil Spill Task Force is a non-profit organization comprised of representatives from environmental agencies in the Pacific coastal area. We collect and share data on oil spills, coordinate oil spill prevention projects, and promote regulatory safeguards. Our mission is to improve prevention, preparation, and response to oil spills on a state and provincial level.

Current Task Force project: 

West Coast Transport Tracking Project
The Task Force is tracking the changes in how oil is being moved throughout the West Coast states and British Columbia. A number of proposed projects in the region will change the landscape for how oil is moved in and out of the region including pipeline expansion projects and rail facility projects. These projects may have an impact to the region specifically since the changes bring concerns regarding the type of oils produced, a shift in the methods of shipment, response and preparedness gaps along railways, and port facility capacities. 

What’s happening in: 

Washington – Ecology submits Draft 2014 Marine & Rail Oil Transportation Study to the Legislature.  The 500-page draft report builds upon the approximate 40 recommendations identified in the preliminary findings and recommendations and provides more in-depth, comprehensive analysis than the October report. (December 2014)

Minnesota – State Legislature passed HF3172.3 MN Bill on rail and pipeline safety. (April 2014)