25 Years Ago: The Exxon Valdez Spill. Click on photo for news stories.
WA Sea Grant's Eric Olsson receives a Legacy Award at the 2012 Clean Pacific Conference. Congrats on retirement and thank you for all of your years of dedication to spill prevention, Eric!
Turtle Bay, Oahu HI, 2013
Spill Response vessel, Clean Island Council, HI 2013
Deep Sea spill in Penn Cove, WA 2012
Task Force Coordinating Committee Members, Portland, OR 2013
Drill rig Kulluck near Kodiak Island, AK 2012
Booming Deception Creek, OR, 2012
San Juan Islands, WA
Pearl Harbor oil spill, 2012
Oiled Wildlife Care Network, CA 2012
Pt. Reyes, CA shoreline 2013

Our Goal: No spilled oil

The Oil Spill Task Force is a non-profit organization comprised of representatives from environmental agencies in the Pacific coastal area. We collect and share data on oil spills, coordinate oil spill prevention projects, and promote regulatory safeguards. Our mission is to improve prevention, preparation, and response to oil spills on a state and provincial level.

Spills Aren’t Slick

The Spill Aren’t Slick campaign evolved from the simple premise that small oil spills can add up to cause significant envIronmental and economic harm. They are a regional problem that can best be remedied through collaborative projects drawing from existing talent and resources.

Harbor Safety Committees & Best Maritime Practices

The West Coast Harbor Safety Committees (HSC) develop standards of care for ports in conformance with current best industry practices. The Oil Spill Task Force also maintains the websites of Harbor Safety Committees, and co-hosts the annual Harbor Safety Summits.