2014 Annual Meeting

The Pacific States/British Columbia Oil Spill Task Force’s 2014 Annual Meeting

Visit our 2013 Annual Meeting page for links to presentations from that event.

Task Force Annual Meeting in Seattle, Sept 2013, Photo: Rsocol, http://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Seattle_Central_Library.jpg

The  2014 Annual Meeting of the Pacific Sates/B.C. Oil Spill Task Force took place on October 1 in Portland, Oregon. This year, our theme was  “Staying on Track and Moving Forward in West Coast Oil Transport“. Topics focused on crude by rail plus a special session devoted to dispersants. Links to the agenda and presentations from the meeting are provided below.

Photo: DubbaG, wikimedia-commons

Download a pdf of the meeting’s agenda.


Jurisdictional Updates

Session #1 Current state of crude by rail

Session #2 Railway perspectives and response planning

Session #3 The state of dispersants

Executive Coordinator Update

Audio files (mp3) of the Annual Meeting

Welcome and Introductions
Task Force Member Agency Updates
Download file (mp3, 81.4MB)

Session 1 – Current state of crude by rail
Guest speaker – Changes in rail movement on West Coast – Rick Weyen
Download file (mp3, 98MB)

Session 2 – Railway perspectives and response planning
Download file (mp3, 57.1MB)

Session 3 – State of dispersants; advances since Deep Water Horizon
Overview of Task Force Activities for 2014-2015
Download file (mp3, 62.8MB)

Open Forum – Public Comments
Closing remarks and adjourn
Download file (mp3, 9.4MB)

Download a pdf of the 2014 Annual Meeting Announcement